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Friday, 30 August 2013

Book Excerpts Friday - First Wolf - first Viking attack of Lindisfarne

Not many days before, I’d been with Father coursing hares and seen Uhtred urging his mount across the heath into the forest, hunting wild boar with men and dogs.  I’d forgotten Uhtred’s vicious hunting pack.  It wouldn’t matter if the fog hid us or not, if he’d loosed the dogs they would sniff us out.
 ‘Now what?’  Grandmother muttered. ‘What are you stopping for?’
‘Can’t you hear it?’
‘Hear what?’
The barking had ceased and although I waited, I didn’t hear the sound again.  I looked along the track through mist clinging like cobwebs to the trees and bushes.  Scared, and worn out from supporting Grandmother, I was uncertain which path to take. 
‘Humph — what’s wrong with you?  Don’t you know the way?’  Grandmother said, digging me in the ribs with her bony elbow.
‘I know the way, we can’t be far from the hut,’ I said angrily, rubbing my side.
‘How do you know?  Can’t see my hand in front of my face.’
‘Listen,’ I said, so angry I didn’t care if I frightened her.  ‘Didn’t you hear? Didn’t you hear the dogs?’
‘What dogs?  I’m not deaf.’
I listened again but all I could hear was Grandmother fighting for breath, the soft patter of leaves drifting to the forest floor, and small creatures scuttling in the undergrowth.  There was no more barking, but now I heard a faint trickling noise that filled me with sudden relief.
‘I’ve found it!’  I said excitedly, giving Grandmother a hug.
‘Get off me!  Found what?’  
‘There.  Can’t you hear the stream?’
‘Humph – thought we were looking for a hut.’
‘The hut is near the stream, we’re not lost after all.’
‘Told you we were lost,’ she said….

[First Wolf -]


L.G. Smith said...

Oh, what a wonderful world to place a novel. And great excerpt.

I'm currently reading The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell set in 5th century Wales/England. A favorite setting for me. :))

Margie said...

Carole, I really like that expert from your book.

Best wishes, always!


Gary Philip Pennick said...

Dear Carole,

It's always wonderful to immerse myself back into your magical writing. Your book is held dear by my family.

A peaceful weekend to you and your beloved husband.


Gary (( ))

Medeia Sharif said...

I'm glad they're not lost. This piece really came alive.

Damyanti said...

Cool excerpt, love the spiffy dialogue!

Old Kitty said...

Grandma sounds like such fun! LOL!! "I'm not deaf"! LOL!! Yay! Thanks for sharing this excerpt! Take care

Tyrean Martinson said...

Nice excerpt.

Murees Dupé said...

Grandma sounds like a really fun character. I really enjoyed this excerpt. I tagged you for The Next Big Thing on my blog if you are interested.

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