Do visit my Amazon Page, hope to be adding books for Grown-Ups too, in the Autumn.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I.W.S.G. and an excellent way to beat Writer's Block!

It is that time of the month to take stock of  ones writing progress, or the lack of it via Alex's I.W.S.G and this made me think of the main problem of writer's block.
I know much has been written on this subject, however, and in the Summer 2015 issue of the Mslexia, a magazine for women who write, (the magazine is worth its weight in gold), there is a brief and very helpful article by novelist Jenny Alexander, called Moving Images, on removing writer's block and it works for me every time.  
To put this briefly,  it relates to Jung and his images. Jenny writes that there is a connection between the block and your personal life. Jenny says you must think about your work in progress, relax, sink into an inner world and ask for an image. Go with the first image that comes into your head. 
My image was a velvet box. I asked the image what it wanted, how it felt. The immediate reply was that it wanted to be found, to be safe. 
I had lost this velvet box that contained a necklace, and the problem of loss was brought forcibly to my attention. After much thought, I realised that this represented a much deeper loss in my life. I needed to come to terms with this, I wanted to feel safe. Once I was aware of what was causing the block, I was able to write.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Just realised...

Hope this heatwave is not too much for you. At the moment we are warmer in the south of England than the Mediterranean.  Almost as fierce a the present heat in Atlanta, but without the air conditioning. Reminds me of my years in Africa working in the bank, had no air conditioning in those days, either.

After having deciding to post to a  page on on my website, instead of on this blog, (to prevent posting twice, haven't yet learned how to send items to both sites, the Wordpress  was set up and coded by my Grandson and my coding is at kindergarten level), I suddenly remembered that I am involved in a blog tour, helping to advertise a book, and therefore need Blogspot to give maximum exposure to the event...

Sunday, 28 June 2015

I Have Moved...

Thank you so much for your support. I am so busy with writing my childlren's  books that I have decided to use the blog - I'm calling it A Writer's Diary - on my website, where I hope you will visit me from time to time. 

With love, Carole.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Celebrating the Small Things
Good heavens, another Friday here and time for Lexa's Celebrating the Small Things!

Hoping that you have something good to celebrate. 

This week, another Shropshire primary school is about to use my children's book, Candle Dark next term to accompany their environmental study work. Very pleased.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

I Have Moved.... at least I think so....

A Writer's Diary

When I visit your blog, I shall be posting as

where you can kindly leave a comment,  or on this blog as before. I think I shall add my posts to both sites, see how this goes. 

Unfortunately, when I post on your blog with the web address above, there is no photograph beside my name, but I'm trying to discover how to make this happen. I'm trying to link this blog to my website, still working on this. Maybe it will be easier to put a link on the website to the blog.

I should like to add followers to my website too, maybe my grandson James Brinkler will be able to help me with this.

I'd love you to visit my new site and leave a comment, so that I can see who has found the posts. But I know how busy you are.

On the title bar at the top of the website you will find the word Diary, rather than Blog. I think it sounds nicer. And I copied the title from the book Virginia Woolf, A Writer's Diary, a book for writers that is well worth returning to time and time again. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Alex J. Cavanaugh
That time of the month again,  although now we have help in the house, and the garden, from the wonderful Age UK people, life is easier and I can concentrate on finishing River Dark at long last. So improvement all round! So feeling a little more secure.  
Another first, my husband used his mobility scooter, not the one that goes into the boot of the car and is very flimsy, but the new one that is very substantial for road work. Rather like a small car, but without the roof, flashing indicators, mirrors, reversing lights, great fun.

He managed to reach town, a mile and an half away, and drive round the open air market in our medieval town. The vehicle even has a small boot... now what can I send him out to purchase for me whilst I have extra writing time!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Back to the drawing board, celebrating the small things, and free paperback offer...
Tried to set up a blog page on my website, but don't have access to the coding, so shall have to wait until my Grandson comes to my rescue. In the meantime, back to Blogger! And I shall add my week's reflections, seems an appropriate time. 

To celebrate the small things, and not so small, a very big thank you to those of you who kindly accepted my invitation and have added yourselves to the list of people willing to receive my very brief monthly newsletter. Just use the signup form in the right hand column. 

This month's letter will have a free paperback offer for those who sign up for the list and for those who are already kind enough to be there already. I have five, signed, paperback copies of Candle Dark, my historical fiction children's book, for anyone on the list. If you are interested, pop along to my website and you'll find the information about the book there.  Then just go to the Contact Page on the website, add your details, and write Candle Dark on the comment form.

Shall have a 'lucky dip' at the end of June and the names of those receiving copies to be added to the July newsletter.  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Change of Address, Writing Books, Husband, Website and Blog!

Hello again,

Hoping all is well with you. At the moment I am finding the care of my husband, updating my blog, running a house, gardening, writing my books more and more demanding. So for a while I shall just be updating my website, vital if I want to let people know about my book progress,  and shall see how it goes. It would be lovely if you could visit my website from time to time. And it would be great if you could sign up for my 'newsletter'. It is once a month, barely half a page, and with an unsubscribe button, too. And of course, my website has a contact page. I must add one that is more user friendly. Maybe see you there. Kind regards, take care, Carole.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Children of St. Cuthbert's R.C. School, Chester-le-Street, County Durham

20th May - Mrs. Garrity and Class 5    children making models of characters and writing accounts after readings from my book First Wolf. Do click on the link and see more of their work. It was a wonderful experience, talking to them via Skype.
Scan 2
   Monk scribes
   Model making
   St. Cuthbert at Prayer
   Setting sail for Lindisfarne

Scan 5

       Talking to the author of First Wolf via Skype

        The children as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Scan 4
Scan 6

                          Scribes and Viking Huscarls

Friday, 15 May 2015

Celebrate the Small Things.
Good heavens, a week has gone by and it's time to review what has happened and celebrate the small things... 
...well, the summerhouse is up, and as people have said it looks like a doll's house, and I am a writer of children's books, then that is a very apt name husband has purchased a larger and more comfortable mobility scooter so that he has more freedom 

...and I am looking forward to the first evening in my doll's house/office to write and invite my husband to join me for a glass of wine... the wooden candle holder is already in place... 

Hoping you have had a successful and happy week.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Celebrate the Small Things

 Celebrate the Small Things
Thinking of things to celebrate this week...

... the wonderful reviews of my poetry book, Kaleidoscope on and Amazon. 

... that I am still well enough to look after my husband

... have been co-opted onto Ludlow Civic Society as The Cake and Custard Bookshop. Hope I can contribute to the society, their current newsletter is about the Reader's House in Ludlow. A case of serendipity, I hold the Office of Reader, but sadly they never gave me the keys to the house :0)

Hoping YOU have something to celebrate, large or small! 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I.W.S.G. Day!

It's Alex J. Cavanaugh's time again, a time to review what has happened in the last month and share. For too long, I have written very little of my sequel, River Dark. I told myself that it was because my husband is constantly ill, that I hated sequels, that the book wasn't any good. 
So I resorted to N.L.P., listening on the iPod every night for a week or so and have programmed myself to return to work. With a re-wired brain -good old N.L.P. - I now find that every morning, the task of recommencing the sequel is no longer a chore, and that I now have a more than positive attitude to the book. However, the wonderful reviews I received from you, concerning my poetry book Kaleidoscope, also encouraged me to keep going. So thank you all. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Kaleidoscope available free - Amazon Kindle

Kaleidoscope - Poetry by Carole Anne Carr [Kindle Edition]

Carole Anne Carr

£0.00 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

available from 1st to 5th May

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
By G. Appleton on 25 Jan. 2015

These poems are wonderful! I absolutely love them. They draw the reader in from the first line, and one feels not only totally engaged, but often greatly moved. Artistic sensitivity is in evidence throughout - pictures are painted with colour and texture and vivid appeal to the senses, all making for wonderful imagery and use of metaphor. To me this is a very fine collection of poems, which I find myself mysteriously drawn back to, such is the freshness and pull of the narrative.

Weaving youth to adulthood in a women's poems. 8 Jan. 2015
By Patricia Kennington - Published on

‘Kaleidoscope’ by Carole Anne Carr, is a story of child-woman growing into woman-child. Her shared lyrics become a vehicle to convey dreams, memories, hopes, and desires for “the more.” Through her poems, Carole invites us to relive and feel both the clarity and confusion of moving from child to adult. Her poetry encourages us to re-experience the poignant and the painful, self-realization, and the recognition of human failure. We return to past decisions, joys, failures, and the anguish of being alive and moving on.

Patricia Kennington, TSSF, Ph.D., Spiritual Director

My May Newsletter goes out today with this month's free book offer. I do hope you will sign up for this, the form is in the column on the right. It is my first attempt at such a thing. The interest shown in my first newsletter at Easter was 60%, so very hopeful. Thank you and hugs for being kind enough to get this far with reading my post xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

X is for Ex-Pats

from Kaleidoscope....

African Christmas in the bush near Bulawayo

The date’s the only recognisable fact for us ex-pats,
as we gather under corrugated roof on the crumbling, concrete stoep.
Pots of poinsettia droop at our feet as we sit under a wing-infested lamp, greeting each other, the compliments of the season, and attempt to make the best of it.

Sweating, we idly watch a small scaly lizard, pop-eyed, panting,
crawl from a crack in the wall, flick a sticky tongue, and scuttle in the dust.  
Someone treads on it, trapping it, breaking off the tail.
No one comments.  Ice clinks in glasses, and bored, we turn to see
a mountain of polished flesh in snowy caftan, his oiled face
beaming with pride, the pudding held aloft by one strong hand.

Half-heartedly we applaud, and through the brandy haze,
the shrivelled artificial holly, think of home. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

W is for Writers' Weekend

....from my poetry book Kaleidoscope 

Writers’ Weekend - forgot to say this actually happened, exactly as described! At a writing course on the North East coast of England....

Cross country driving through grey sleet,
skies overcast, wet roads a black deserted ribbon,
fame spurred me on, what if I should meet
someone who’d recognise my skills that had been hidden?

There on the hill, behind high rusting gates,
thin wintery hedges, crunching gravel
sinister ivy walls, a frozen lake,
poor welcome after miles I’d had to travel.

I rang the bell, listening to the echoing silence
spreading across the cold wet hills
and waited on the step, stamped in the snow,
much more of this and I’d be very ill.

Silence... if no one came I’d freeze to death
and slithering along the icy paths through cheerless gloom
I peered through  unwashed windows, cold and wet,
a single electric bar glowed in a darkened room.

My hostess, tiring of the empty sweep of lawn,
discovered me and led me through a  hall where Mr. Pugh
among his poison vats would be at home,
‘Had I been here before, did I admire the view?’

‘A ghost appears where you are standing,
your room is on the topmost floor
there’s no disturbance on that landing,
three people have arrived, there’ll not be more.’

‘It is the time of year, the snow is falling,
sorry about the dreadful lack of heat.
Fuel costs go up, it really is appalling,
but there’s a coal fire in one room, do take a seat.’

Huddled by the fire we shut the door
the fuel in the bucket’s growing less.
Oliver like, I dared to ask for more
but, sad to say with just as much success.

Retiring for the night to white-washed cell
colder than sheep pen open to the stars,
I dressed in all I had pell-mell,
three jumpers, woolly socks, and scarves.

A sudden thought, the other rooms were empty,
switch on the light to keep the ghosts away.
Collect the quilts; there surely would be plenty.
The longest night turned slowly into day.

Our breath formed clouds at breakfast as we ate,
we rubbed our arms and clapped our hands together,
watching the food congealing on the plate,
and smiled politely at each other.

After two days, I felt that we could face
anything the army could put us through or worse.
Manoeuvres would be easy; we’d swim the frozen lake,
hardened by the rigours of the course.

What we learned I really can’t remember...