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Monday, 8 December 2014

Doll's Houses, Paper Dolls and Toy Theatres.

Those of you who knew my previous blog that was ruined, will perhaps remember that I have a fascination with the above subjects and children's books published in the 1940's; the war years when there were few toys and equally few books for children, therefore more precious.

This is very similar to the doll's house given to me in that era. The walls were rough, to resemble snowcem, the window frames metal; I can still remember the feel of the tiny catches that could be turned to open the windows. The house was made by Triang who were famous baby carriage makers.

Slowly trying to re-connect with everyone who kindly joined my blog, after Google removed all my photographs, and sorry about having to prove you are not a robot, can't get rid of the wretched thing, and find other bloggers are having the same problem. Arghh!! 

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Angry Giant who gave the Badger, the Fox and the Mole a Nasty Fright!

Carole Anne Carr Author
The Angry Giant

Completed this as a scary story for Halloween and the most scary part was the actual event itself; reading to children at the National Trust House near Bridgnorth. It was so alarming, so ridiculous, that despite the danger, to myself not the children, I couldn't stop laughing! Must relate this story sometime. 

Anyway, here is one drawing that I included in the book and thought you might like to see. I make them as child friendly as I can, and because of my desire to draw the pictures in my own way, my limited art ability is slowly improving!  

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Having to begin this blog again is worry enough to be going on with, but fingers crossed! Insecure Writer's Support Group

Re-instating the remains of the Previous Blog!

That is better! After Google took over Picasa, where I had my photographs stored, and removed all the photographs from this blog, I have been trying to begin again. With this version of my blog, that had been ruined by Google, I realised I still have my list of kind followers attached, and this gave me sufficient courage to begin again.