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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The New English Schools Curriculum for 2014 - A Step too Far.

I was contacted by a school publisher to write books for the new curriculum coming into schools in stages until 2015-6. I eagerly accepted, visions of my fiction being also accepted. However, having read the detailed formula for producing the English Book for Key Stage 2, I realised there would be no time for my own fiction, what was needed was a mathematical ability in the setting out of the material and a greater computer skill than I possess. Now I realise just how much of a children's fiction writer I really am. It was a step too far.

  1. BBC News ‎- 6 days ago
    Teaching of a "tough" new national curriculum begins in England as ... year will continue with the old curriculum in English, maths and science, ...

As if there wasn't enough to do! Grrrr....

Having to begin this blog again, my photographs were removed by Google, something to do with Picasa I believe, and I joined the ranks of so many others who had their blog ruined. However, not much good sulking in a corner, and I do like sharing with you all, so here goes, begin again. Thanks so much for sharing, hugs, Carole.